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 General Troubleshooting Guide


I thought I'd put together some basic, generic troubleshooting, information for you to try prior to logging a job.
I seem to be getting issues logged that disappear by the time I get to them so hopefully this can head some of that off.
It's a good idea to check the rest of the knowledgebase here for some specific "How too's" prior to logging a ticket.
Knowledgebase articles may also be suggested as you log a ticket using key words so please keep an eye out.
These tips may also help over the holidays and in future and are not all specific to school.
You can work you way down the list trying things. 
It starts with simple, light suggestions and increases with how aggressive it is to your machine so make sure to start at the top.
90% of the solutions listed below can be covered with a simple restart of the device/devices.
Issues can be broken down into two main categories.
Software issues and the less common hardware issues.
Application issue:
Close and reopen the file.
Close and reopen the application and try another file.
Update the application if available.
Force the application to close if it is not responding (kill the app).
Note that this may mean you lose the last bit of work done since the previous save.
Hot Keys:
Mac: Command + Option + Escape Keys > Highlight(select) the offending application and select "Force Quit"
Windows: ALT + CTRL + Delete Keys > Select Task Manager > Highlight(select) the offending application and select "End Task"
Operating System Issue:
Restart. (Generally, restarting means that the device will refresh it's settings from the server - if it can connect to it)
Update Windows/MacOS/iOS.
Restart while plugged into ethernet if possible.
Check Wi-Fi is turned on.
Check that the Time and Date are correct to within ~2 mins. (A device with an incorrect time and date will fail to connect to eduStar Wi-Fi)
Check that the proxy settings are set using the schools proxy if you know how to do this.
Force a restart by holding the power button for ~5 seconds. (10 seconds for iPads)
Check it is plugged in to power.
Check it is plugged into ethernet (blue cable if applicable)
Unplug from power to force the device off and then plug it back in to turn it on. 
Check all cables are plugged in securely at both ends
Power, USB, ethernet, HDMI, VGA, other.
Unplug from power to force the device off and then plug it back in to turn it on. 
Failing this, feel free to log a job!
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